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Match the Pairs – Junior Edition, the entertaining, hand-painted learning app for kids

“Match the Pairs-Junior Edition” is an edutainment app for children at the ages of 4+, 6+ and 8+. It motivates and challenges kids to solve riddles and tasks by matching pairs as quickly as possible. The app is based on proven learning-methods and addresses topics such as math, logic and reading.
It is iPad and iPhone compatible and available for sale at the App Store. A lite-version is also available.

Match the Pairs-Junior Edition” facts

  • Entertaining learning-games for the ages 4+, 6+ and 8+
  • A gorgeous design with beautiful hand-painted images
  • Improvement of the children’s concentration, reflexes and promptness
  • Motivation to improve the results by high scores and time limits
  • Dynamic and age-based variation of the pairs’ positions and contents
  • Continuously new content available – so the challenge never stops!


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