About Match the Pairs – Junior Edition

Match the Pairs provides exciting and interactive learning games for every age.
Your child will have fun to learn by playing, handling many different topics.

All of our boxes are full of surprises and exciting challenges and illustrations by Yo Rühmer. The player has to match pairs and need to be fast. The clock runs down merciless – the quicker the game is solved the higher the score!

There are boxes for all ages in different categories. The game provides tricky riddles for every one.

The current edition challenges your child in the following areas:

  • Reading
  • Logics
  • Math

Our App is available in two versions:

Pro version

Pro version No more boredom! The full version of Match the Pairs gives your child a high number of gripping exercises and tricky riddles.

Available on the App Store

Lite version

Lite-Version This is the free demo version of Match the Pairs – having a limited range of game sets. Get an idea of the game without any commitment. You always have the choice to switch from your demo version to the pro version.

Available on the App Store

Illustration and Design: Yo Rühmer